HelloFresh UK - Too Many Foodboxes
HelloFresh UK - Too Many Foodboxes

Ready Meals

Ready meal subscriptions: versatile, healthy, and above all, very quick!

We could be mistaken, but in our view, there has been a clear increase in the availability of high-quality ready-to-eat meals in recent years. In addition to uninspiring meals loaded with excessive salt, there is a growing trend towards ready-to-eat meals that promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Recipes are being crafted by chefs who increasingly seek out quality ingredients.

We have gathered ready meals on this page that you can subscribe to in the UK. It’s a bit like HelloFresh but without the need to cook yourself. These products are characterized by their variety and healthfulness, which can sometimes be hard to find in the supermarket.

You can filter and compare them to narrow down a selection of ready-meal subscriptions that might appeal to you.

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About subscription-based ready meals

Of course, we’re familiar with ready meals from the supermarket, but the products on this page seem to distinguish themselves quite significantly, in our opinion.

  • The ready meals you see here are subscription models. This means that you’ll receive an order to store in the freezer once a week.
  • Professional chefs often prepare these meals without preservatives.
  • You often have options regarding the size of the meal box.
  • The recipes are typically ready in as little as 3 minutes, but there’s also the option to use the oven, in which case you should expect a cooking time of around 20 minutes.

Who are these ready meals suitable for?

A subscription for ready-made meals presents a convenient and time-saving solution tailored to the needs of busy individuals, delivering pre-cooked meals directly to their doorstep. Offering various meal options, it is a healthy and delectable alternative to the more traditional choices of dining out or ordering takeout.

While the meal boxes may come at a higher cost compared to ready meals from the supermarket, you are also paying for the quality and delivery service.

Are there suitable alternatives available?

Alternatively, you might consider a meal kit subscription and select recipes with shorter preparation times as an alternative to a ready-made meal.