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These family-friendly meal boxes are specially curated to meet the needs of the entire family, offering easy, healthy, and tasty meals that will keep everyone happy at the table.

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About the family meal boxes

As a parent of (young) children, you probably know the challenge of preparing a healthy meal every evening that is also enjoyable for the little ones. That’s where a meal box suitable for the whole family comes in handy!
Family meal boxes are perfect for families who want to eat healthy and varied meals together without the stress of having to think about what to cook every day and doing groceries. These boxes contain meals suitable for the entire family, with recipes that are both child-friendly and nutritious. They offer a mix of familiar favourites and new dishes, tailored to the tastes of both adults and children.

Exciting variety of dishes

Usually, the meals offered are healthy, but you also have the option to occasionally choose something like a hamburger or flammkuchen. However we must say that when these dishes come from a meal box, they often have been given a healthier twist.

Simple recipes and balanced portions

In each box, you’ll find all the necessary ingredients in the right quantities, along with simple recipes. This saves time and reduces food waste. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to go through the recipes together with your children.

Quick to serve

Another feature of family-friendly boxes is that there are recipes available that are quick to make. So, after work, you can have something delicious on the table in 20 minutes that everyone will enjoy!