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What are good HelloFresh Alternatives?

Discover our list of food delivery services like Hello Fresh in The UK

HelloFresh is an extremely popular meal delivery service in the UK. However, there are times when you seek a change. We've thoroughly explored conceivable HelloFresh alternatives and organized them for your convenience.

Our compilation includes a selection of companies similar to HelloFresh, and we've also taken into account concepts that, while not identical, share significant similarities.

Meal subscription boxes that are very similar to HelloFresh

Receive a meal box with recipes and cook yourself


We start our list with Green Chef. This company closely resembles HelloFresh because it's from HelloFresh! The main difference compared to HelloFresh is that you select based on your lifestyle. You can choose from Green Chef's vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, low-carb, or ketogenic meal box options. Afterward, you can specify other preferences and customize your meal box as desired.

Green Chef is a premium meal kit concept by HelloFresh that emphasizes promoting a healthy lifestyle through a sustainable meal kit approach.


A major provider of recipe boxes is Gousto. Not only in terms of customer base but also in the extensive range of recipes, Gousto has a lot to offer. You can choose from over 75 recipes, which is convenient for picky eaters but might also be a bit overwhelming in alleviating decision fatigue.

Gousto is a well-known recipe box service and is widely regarded as an excellent alternative to HelloFresh. The differences between the two boxes are quite minor across the board. This makes it challenging to determine definitively which one is the best. Ultimately, trying both recipe boxes for a while is the best way to discover which suits your preferences best.

Mindful Chef

One of the three best HelloFresh alternatives is Mindful Chef. Mindful Chef offers diverse recipes crafted to cater to various dietary preferences. From gluten- and dairy-free to vegan and beyond, their selection provides a balanced array of options that prioritize nutrition without compromising taste.

Each meal kit arrives with the highest quality pre-measured ingredients sourced from local suppliers and farmers whenever possible. Prices can vary on the chosen recipes.

A Meal box similar to HelloFresh but without the need for a subscription

– Place an order when you're all set and eager to start your culinary journey

Cook Away

With Cookaway, you receive carefully curated meal kits inspired by world cuisines, containing all the essential ingredients and step-by-step instructions to create impressive dishes.

This innovative service offers a convenient solution for those seeking a gourmet dining experience at home and encourages culinary exploration and skill-building. You can order this box without a subscription.

Discover recipes from Great Britain, Pakistan, Spain, Malaysia, Japan, Greece, India, and more!

Just receive the recipes, herbs, species, and dressings

The same cooking experience, but you need to get your own groceries

Simply Cook

There are several other appealing alternatives to HelloFresh. How about considering SimplyCook, for instance? This innovative concept sends you only the herbs, spices, and dressings. You can source the ingredients yourself.

So, instead of receiving a full box of products, you get a smaller package with containers. With some smart shopping, you can prepare incredibly delicious and budget-friendly meals using this approach.

Pre-made dishes with a resemblance to HelloFresh

Although ingredients can't be left aside, you'll be set in only 3 minutes!

Ready Meals

The final category of meal subscription boxes consists of ready meals. These dishes are similar to HelloFresh, but you don't need to prepare them yourself. These meals are ready in 3 minutes in the microwave or around 20 minutes in the oven. The major advantage of this type of meal subscription is, of course, the convenience and speed. Unfortunately, they won't help you improve your cooking skills.

We've listed the three options that we find most comparable to HelloFresh below, but you can also take a look at our ready meals category.

Lions Prep

In our view, the company Lions Prep shares a similar look and feel to HelloFresh. However, the significant difference is that they provide ready meals. These eco-friendly dishes are ready in 3 minutes (if you have access to a microwave) and are available starting from £4 per meal.

The dishes are easy to put together, and those with allergies also have a fair amount of options to choose from.


Chefly is a meal subscription service in the UK that focuses on convenience and health. Each week, you can choose from a wide range of healthy dishes. These meals are already prepared for you, so you only need to reheat them. You can also include juices, delicious breakfast options, and various snacks to your dinners.

Due to its convenience and healthy nature, Chefly could be quite appealing if you're looking for a HelloFresh alternative.


With a focus on quality ingredients and inventive recipes, Tastily offers a diverse range of meal options tailored to varying dietary preferences. Whether you're a vegetarian, looking for low-carb alternatives, or seeking globally inspired flavors, Tastily strives to deliver a satisfying dining experience that is both delicious and convenient.

Tastily might not be highly distinctive, but it definitely should not be missing from this list.

To sum it up, you have a range of HelloFresh alternatives to pick from…

There are three concepts that bear a striking resemblance to HelloFresh, making them quite fun to give a whirl. These include Greenchef.co.uk, Gousto, and Mindful Chef.

The other meal boxes do have their differences, but don't discount them just yet! Take, for instance, Simply Cook – it's an economical route, although you'd have to grab the grub yourself.

On the fancier side of things, there's Cook Away, a swanky meal box available on a per-order basis. With this, you'll be whipping up some seriously stunning dishes from around the globe.

And if the idea of skipping the cooking ordeal tickles your fancy, you can opt for a concept where the meals are already prepared, no cooking required.


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