HelloFresh UK - Too Many Foodboxes
HelloFresh UK - Too Many Foodboxes


“When considering the most successful meal box services, HelloFresh is a name that stands out.

Established in 2011, this German-founded company aimed to simplify access to fresh ingredients and healthy recipes.

Thanks to its straightforward yet delicious recipes and effective marketing strategies, HelloFresh has experienced significant growth in recent years. It's widely regarded as one of the top choices among meal box services, catering not only to families but also to individuals dining solo.

The HelloFresh meal box summarized.

The HelloFresh meal box comes with precisely measured ingredients for crafting a variety of nutritious, healthy, and complete meals.

Inside, you'll find recipe cards detailing the ingredients and cooking instructions. HelloFresh's recipes change weekly and are designed for simplicity. You can even opt for dishes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare. Each week offers a selection of diverse meals and dietary options, accommodating various preferences and restrictions.

Whether you have food intolerances, allergies, or adhere to a specific diet, HelloFresh likely has suitable choices.

However, their main success stems from their tasty, wholesome meals that are easy to whip up

Price: €€

Excellent value for money. It's no surprise that it's one of the most popular meal boxes in the UK. Enjoyable recipes that are frequently quick and straightforward to prepare.


With your first box you can choose how you want to pay: via direct debit, credit card or paypal, after your first box, your selected payment method will be automatically debited. Of course only if you purchase the boxes.


Each week, you have a choice of over 40 recipes, including family-friendly, low-calorie, or vegetarian meals, among others. From quick and easy to family-friendly, and from vegetarian to flexitarian options. HelloFresh recipe cards also provide extensive information on the nutritional values and calories of your meals


HelloFresh Extras

At HelloFresh, when you subscribe to a meal box, you also have the option to order various fun extras. These include a wine box, a snack box, a box for baking brownies, or smoothies that you can add to your order.

HelloFresh Recipes

At HelloFresh, you have the option to select from various lifestyles/preferences to customise your meals accordingly. Choices include a calorie-conscious meal box, a vegetarian box, the single-person meal box, or the family meal box featuring kid-friendly dishes.

Each dish clearly indicates the quantities and nutrients per meal. Weekly, you'll also find a wide range of recipes on the HelloFresh website and app, with varying selections of up to 45 recipes per week. Many of these recipes include 250 grams of vegetables per dish.

You can easily filter for additional preferences such as kid-friendly, quick and simple, vegetarian, or calorie-conscious. Through the HelloFresh app, you can also easily select recipes that align with your diet/lifestyle.

HelloFresh recipes are detailed on recipe cards in 6 steps. It always specifies what ingredients you need to have on hand for the standard meal box, which typically includes olive oil, pepper, salt, mustard, red/white wine vinegar. The rest is provided in the meal box.

One of the greatest advantages of HelloFresh? Often, children also enjoy the dishes, which is a bonus.

Setting your HelloFresh menu preferences.

As shown in the screenshot next to (or below if you're viewing on mobile), you can specify your preferences at HelloFresh. In the HelloFresh app, you can set whether you prefer to receive options such as Veggie, Calorie Conscious, Fish & Veggie, Family, No Pork, Quick & Easy, Original, or Flexitarian choices

How did we experience HelloFresh ourselves?

This is also one of our favourites at home; the dishes are almost always delicious and have an accessible flavour. Importantly, hardly anything is ever missing; the ingredients always look good, and cooking with HelloFresh is generally straightforward and enjoyable, even for beginners. Below, you'll find our latest HelloFresh reviews.

It's nice that you can occasionally indulge in premium dishes for a small additional cost.

You can also order extras like a wine box, snack box, fruit box, or bakery box. HelloFresh offers fun extras or add-ons to the box that you can also order.

You can find reviews of the HelloFresh box from several weeks of testing on the blog and/or below. Reviews of the box, along with some photos and an impression of the dishes

What do we love?

  • Freshness and quality of the produce.
  • Innovative recipes
  • Healthy meals, with nutritional information, calorie count etc. provided on the recipe cards.
  • Wide range of different dishes available Choice between vegetarian, low-carb, quick and straightforward, lactose-free and other dietary preferences.
  • We waste very little food with HelloFresh.

Points to consider

  1. The included meat often has just one star for a better life quality.
  2. HelloFresh still uses quite a bit of plastic packaging

Visual impressions of the HelloFresh meal box

With the help of the image below, you can get an idea of what the HelloFresh box looks like, what the recipe cards look like, and of course, a visual representation of the HelloFresh meals

Experiences and reviews with HelloFresh

The HelloFresh reviews below provide further details on aspects such as delivery, recipe cards, meals, and an overview of the HelloFresh meal box, plus background and news.

HelloFresh costs and pricing

£28.99 for 3 days – 2 persons

For 2 persons for 3 days you'll pay around £28.99. You'll probably pay somehwere between £3,50 and £4.50 per per meal at HelloFresh.

HelloFresh discount codes and promotions

Prices of the different meal boxes HelloFresh.

In the table that will follow you can see the estimates of the cost of a (weekly) HelloFresh box.

When does the HelloFresh meal box align with your needs?

Ideal for those seeking a convenient, well-rounded, and swift meal solution.

Consistently delivering a diverse and comprehensive meal selection, HelloFresh caters to various demographics.

Whether you're a family in search of approachable meals at a fair price or a vegetarian seeking abundant choices, HelloFresh has you covered. Their transparent labelling makes identifying dishes suitable for your dietary preferences or lifestyle easy.

With quick meal preparation times and an extensive menu, HelloFresh allows for ample experimentation and rotation. Even if you prefer more straightforward fare, HelloFresh offers plenty of delicious options that appeal to a broad audience and are straightforward to prepare.

Suitable for:

  • Those seeking straightforward dishes that are quick to prepare.
  • Individuals aiming for healthy and varied eating habits.
  • Families seeking accessible meal options.
  • Single-person households, as HelloFresh offers meal boxes tailored to individual needs.
  • Additionally, HelloFresh provides the option to add ‘extras,' such as breakfast boxes, fruit boxes, wine boxes, or snack boxes. While this adds a delightful touch, these extras are only available if you already have a meal box subscription.

What are the alternatives to the HelloFresh box?

If you're seeking an excellent alternative to the HelloFresh box, you might consider Green Chef. This is HelloFresh's premium meal box with a slightly more significant focus on health. Another option could be Gousto, which caters more towards the culinary home chef. Alternatively, you can read this post about HelloFresh alternatives.

Questions about Green Chef? Or perhaps you'd like to share your feedback or positive experiences?

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