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Chefly meal box

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Chefly’s aim is to make healthy and delicious food incredibly easy to bring to your table. Each week, you have the choice of over 29 dishes that will be delivered to you fully prepared. Heating them up takes just 3 minutes in the microwave or about 20 minutes in the oven.

At Chefly, you can choose from Meat, Seafood, Vegetarian, Vegan, Keto, and Protein “Power” options. As an added bonus, you can also order Juices, Breakfast, and Snack products to complement your meals.

Since it’s a subscription, you must manage it occasionally to ensure you receive the preferred dishes. You can add products to your cart up to four weeks in advance, and then they’ll be sent to you weekly.

Heading on vacation? No worries. You can easily put Chefly on hold for a 4-week period with just one click.


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  • Beneficial for individuals with busy schedules, providing a quick and efficient solution for those who find it challenging to dedicate time to cooking
  • Chefly thrives on simplicity; Ordering from Chefly is incredibly quick and easy.
  • With 29 dishes, there's ample variety for most households.
  • Chefly employs 100% recycled & recyclable packaging, leading to less waste than other food subscription boxes involving cooking.
  • Your dinner is almost fail-proof since it's fully prepared.
  • Nutrition information is easily accessible during the ordering process.
  • It's convenient to order juices, snacks, and breakfast items too.
  • Chefly employs 100% recycled & recyclable packaging, leading to less waste than other food subscription boxes involving cooking.
  • The meals can also be frozen at home for later.
  • Chefly is available across the entire UK (except Northern Ireland)


  • At Chefly, a minimum of 6 dishes must be ordered, which makes it less appealing for single-person households.
  • Customizing the menu by omitting ingredients isn't possible since the meals are pre-made. This might pose a challenge for picky eaters or families with children.
  • The microwave might not do justice to all the dishes Chefly offers. Some items are best prepared fresh, but that does come with extra time investment.
  • Quickly ordering food for individuals with allergies isn't straightforward at Chefly. For instance, there are no standard gluten-free or lactose-free dishes. You'd need to pay attention to the ingredients yourself.


Additional information
lowest-price-per-serving £7.49
frequency 2 per week, 3 per week, 4 per week, 5 per week
number-of-people 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
recipes-per-week 30+
preferences Fish, Keto, Low carbohydrate, Vegan, Vegetarian

1 review for Chefly meal box

  1. Karen

    Didnt get as far as ordering from Chefley as I wanted keto meals and they only offered 2 recipes for mains and 2 for snack/ desert
    Obviously not going to eat the same meal 7 nights a week so now off to look at other meal/ recipes box suppliers

    • JW

      Hi Karen!

      Thanks for the feedback, we will update the information on the page. Which box did you know choose? We would love to get your review / opinion on it.

      Please let us know, looking forward to your answer!

      Best regards,

      JW – Team Too Many Foodboxes

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