HelloFresh UK - Too Many Foodboxes
HelloFresh UK - Too Many Foodboxes

One person

Meal boxes for one person

These meal boxes for one person are perfectly tailored to the individual diner, featuring diverse, tasty, and easy-to-prepare meals, ideal for those dining alone yet still wanting to enjoy a complete and nourishing meal.

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About the 1-person meal boxes

1-person meal boxes are convenient for those who want to eat healthily and variably without the hassle of planning and grocery shopping. These boxes contain different types of meals, from regular dishes to special cuisines from around the world, tailored to your tastes and dietary requirements. You receive precisely enough ingredients and easy recipes, which helps reduce food waste and speeds up cooking. They are very convenient for people with busy lives or seniors who want to cook for themselves but prefer to keep it simple.

Because, let’s face it, cooking is fun, but coming up with something creative every day can sometimes be challenging. And buying ingredients for a meal for one person can also be tricky. And of course, you don’t always feel like browsing, but you still want to eat healthily.

Limited options

There are only a few meal boxes on the market specifically designed for one person. More often, you see meal boxes for two people or more. For many suppliers, it is more logistically and financially advantageous to deliver a complete family box than smaller portions. That’s why you’ll notice that the prices for single-serving meals are often higher than for meal boxes intended for multiple people.

Cost-saving options

To reduce the cost per meal, you may consider ordering the meal box more frequently per week, thus getting more meals each time. Another way to save costs is by opting for a meal box for two people and spreading the meals over several days.

Providers of single-serving meal boxes

Among others, Gousto offers specific boxes for 1 person, while with providers like Factor and HelloFresh, you can choose freshly prepared meals by chefs that you just need to heat up. Also ideal as a meal box for 1 person – then you can order multiple dishes directly and, for example, freeze some for later.