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allplants meal box

Allplants is a UK-based meal kit delivery service that provides customers with pre-made, plant-based meals. The company’s focus is on providing healthy, convenient, and sustainable meal options to people who follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Allplants offers a variety of meal plans to choose from, including options for one or two people, as well as larger plans for families or groups. Customers can also choose from a wide range of meal options, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All of the meals are pre-cooked and delivered frozen, and can be easily reheated in the microwave or oven. Allplants aims to provide a convenient and hassle-free way for people to enjoy plant-based meals, without the need for grocery shopping, meal prep, or cooking.


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  • Convenience: allplants offers a convenient and time-saving meal solution for people who want to eat plant-based but don't have the time or energy to cook.
  • Variety: allplants offers a diverse range of plant-based meals that cater to different dietary requirements and tastes, including gluten-free and high-protein options.
  • Health: allplants meals are made with whole-food ingredients and are free from preservatives and additives, making them a healthy choice for people looking to improve their diet.
  • Sustainability: allplants uses 100% renewable energy and compostable packaging to reduce its environmental impact, making it a more sustainable meal kit option.
  • Cost-effective: allplants can be a cost-effective meal solution, especially for people who eat out frequently or purchase specialty plant-based products at the grocery store.


  • Limited customization: Customers have limited control over the contents of their box, which means that they may receive meals that they do not like or cannot eat.
  • Frozen meals: Some customers may not enjoy the taste or texture of frozen meals, or may prefer the experience of cooking fresh ingredients themselves.
  • Portion size: Some customers may find the portion sizes to be too small or not satisfying enough for their appetite.


Additional information
lowest-price-per-serving £5.75
frequency 2 per week, 3 per week, 4 per week, 5 per week
number-of-people 1, 2
recipes-per-week 30+
preferences Keto, Low carbohydrate, Vegan, Vegetarian


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