HelloFresh UK - Too Many Foodboxes
HelloFresh UK - Too Many Foodboxes

Meat in the Box

Meat in the Box is a company that specializes in delivering high-quality, fresh, and locally sourced meat. Their meat box subscriptions offer a convenient and reliable source of protein for your meals, with a variety of cuts and types of meat available to choose from. Meat in the Box promotes sustainable and ethical farming practices and supports local communities. They also provide cooking tips and recipes to help customers make the most out of their meat box and explore new and exciting dishes in the kitchen.


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  • From only £4.50 to £100 and more.
  • A lot of choices


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  • Only a small amount of recipes on the website
  • £30 is the minimum order for delivery.


Additional information
Shipping cost Free
frequency 3 per week, 4 per week, 5 per week
preferences Fish, Mostly meat