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How we communicate prices of the different meal boxes

Prices of the meal boxes

Whenever possible we try to communicate the price for a meal box subscription for 2 people with 3 meals in the price for a meal box, or 6 meals, as this is a popular option with all providers and enables us to make clear price comparisons between for example Gousto, HelloFresh, Green Chef, Tastily etcetera.

When communicating prices, we try to include delivery costs as it is an integral part of the total cost, and excluding it can create an artificial view of the price. Providers may lower the price of the box but increase the delivery charge to give a favourable price perception. Delivery costs are often around £5 per meal box.

Lowest price per serving

The lowest price per meal is often for the maximum number of dishes per week for as many people as possible, to achieve the lowest possible price. When purchasing more dishes or for a larger household, the price per meal typically decreases as deliveries become more efficient, resulting in a cheaper total package.

For instance, at HelloFresh, customers have the option to choose 5 meals for 4 people, resulting in a total of 20 meals. The total cost for this package is £67.98, inclusive of a £4.99 delivery charge and £62.99 for the 20 meals. The price per meal is then £3.15 excluding delivery and £3.39 including delivery.

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